The fluffy stuff:
Photo by Sistah.
I'm a transplanted New Mexican, born and raised in the Southwest. I grew up with 350 days of sunshine per year, highs in the 50s during the dead of winter, and real Mexican food. We moved to Peoria in the summer of 2007 where I then suffered some major culture shock. Where was the Mexican food? Where does the sun go? Does anyone here speak Spanish? Needless to say, I've since become pale, have grown to love steak and can pick out a Spanish speaker from a mile away.

But I love this area. I love that it rains in the summer time more than one eighth of an inch per rainstorm. I love that the grass is actually green almost year round. I love that I can grow my own corn and tomatoes in something that isn't sand. And I especially love old barns, empty corn fields, forests, and rivers with running water. I still miss authentic Mexican food, though.

The pertinent stuff:
I graduated from New Mexico State University in 2007 with a degree in Journalism (bad timing, yes, I know). I worked there as a freelance photographer for a small, weekly paper and as a radio reporter for our town's NPR affiliate station. I enjoyed both my jobs to the umpteenth degree but, as sometimes happens, life threw a curveball at us and the Husband got a job transfer to Peoria. Now I work a computer job by day and take photos as a creative outlet. It's not a bad tradeoff, really.

This blog was started with the sole purpose of finding the beauty in this area. The alternative was to sit around and wallow in misery at having moved. I believe I've succeeded. 


Anonymous said...

God bless you. I can not possibly imagine relocating from New Mexico to Peoria. I am a very liberal and broadminded person, however, that kind of change boogles my mind.

I was raised in Peoria and went to college in New Mexico. The people that I met, encountered and came into my life were, and still are, amazing, to put it mildly. I will always cherish those memories, ,and friends,I met in New Mexico.

As soon I graduated from college, I moved to a major liberal, progressive city. Peoria, for me, is far from that.

Best wishes for much success in Peoria. Remember, a flexible mind is never bent out of shape.

Lola Takes Pictures said...

Anon, love that last phrase! You're so right about that!

Peoria isn't all that bad. It's taken time to get used to the people, you're right. People here tend to guard their emotions closely so I can never quite tell what they're really thinking but I've met some amazing people here, too. Those are the ones that have helped me and my family settle in and feel welcome.

Glad to hear you had some great experiences in New Mexico. It was definitely tough to leave such a beautiful state but, seriously, this isn't such a bad trade-off.

Thanks for the well wishes and the comment. :)