Friday, June 5, 2015

I Write Because My Brain Won't Shut Up Otherwise

I just spent the last hour cleaning up old links listed on my blog--the links to other blogs I used to try to keep up with. Sadly, most of those are now dead links and some of these blogs have been taken over by strange, faceless, entities who like to post about food but provide no recipes or post about the interiors of other people's bathroom updates but don't give any links for where to read more. Invisible writers missing personalities create these empty blog posts that resemble Pinterest but are less fun. Weird stuff.

I'm always sad to see another blogger disappear into the web-a-sphere, especially the good bloggers that know how to write for the masses and keep us entertained and informed all at once. But I get it. I do. Life just gets in the way sometimes and everything has to come to a halt and then some things have to go. In my case, health issues and a new job have kept me away from even my camera. I miss writing about nothing and taking pictures of things I like. I've always needed an outlet and if it's not writing or taking pictures, it'll be reading or learning something new. This last year and a half has been about both those things so I might yet disappear again. But for now here you have me. And some days I might regale you with stories about learning to live without wheat and sugar and milk and eggs and other days I will tell you about having to jump through useless and stupid state hoops to do paperwork that amounts to nothing but "busy work" just to do a job I love.

*shaking my head*

Even if no one ever reads what I write, I will still write it because I might sleep better at night if this stuff isn't rattling around in my head.


emergepeoria said...

I read what you write. Thank you.

Billy Dennis said...

Sometime I do not know what I think about something until I start writing about it. Sometimes, I'm so mad I know exactly what I am going to write ... but before I hit the publish button, I moderate myself. I've been writing professionally and otherwise since I was 18. God knows what kind of psycho deviant I would be without it.

Lola Takes Pictures said...

EmergePeoria: Thanks for reading what I write. Most times I feel it's just drivel.

Billy: I hear you about going psycho without writing. Before I picked up a camera, it's the only way I could express myself. Thanks for reading.