Saturday, May 30, 2015

Never, ever, ever, EVER go to Starved Rock on Memorial Day


Had a day off, thought I'd go take a hike. Realized what day it was when we pulled into the parking lot. Not one space available. I would have turned around and come back home but I wasn't alone so I had to stick it out.

The trails were muddy (no surprise there) and we got stuck walking behind people who tiptoed--yes, tiptoed (!!) across the mud. Come on, folks! Seriously? If you didn't want your shoes to get dirty then get off the trail and go back to the parking lot.

We got stuck behind one group for ten minutes who let their two two-year-olds run way ahead of them only to scream at them every 30 seconds to "Get back here!" Personally, I wouldn't let me kids out of my sight in this park. Second, please have common courtesy and don't scream your fool head off at your kid in a public park where others are trying to enjoy its beauty. Hold on to your kid and teach them to be respectful.

Our first and only stop was Wildcat Canyon. I didn't mind the crowd of people enjoying the views and the water but the moment was ruined by a floating beer can in the little lake that forms underneath it. There were empty, discarded water bottles everywhere, too. It saddens and angers me that people here have access to such tremendous beauty but don't know how to enjoy it without littering it.

Yeah, I know I sound like an old coot but the older I get the more I realize how much damage some people do to the beautiful spaces we have. It doesn't take much effort to pack out what you carry in, for crying out loud. Even if you don't care about the park, at least take it care of it for your kids to enjoy.

The only semi-decent picture I got that day was while I was standing in Wildcat Canyon, shaking my head at the litter. This little flock of bugs flew right into the sunshine so I snapped a pic with my phone:

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