Sunday, July 28, 2013

Go Ahead, Cow, Walk Away...

We were heading home when I made the Husband pull over so I could capture this scene. I'd been watching this building get closer and I knew I wanted to capture it. As soon as he pulled over, I jumped out of the car into some really red, sticky mud but it was worth it:

The scene looks so isolated but there's actually a very busy highway intersection about 100 feet to camera right. We were somewhere in the Texas panhandle, traveling down some two-lane highway and little scenes like these kept coming up. I didn't realize how picturesque the Texas panhandle was until we took that two-lane highway through the remote parts and into Amarillo.

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Roan said...

Love this one! Sounds like you had a good trip. I've been missing lately, but hope to get back to blogging more.